Hi everyone! My name is Bernicia, and welcome to my website!

I started my natural hair journey December 24, 2016 and I havent looked back! When I had my hair cut, I had NO idea what I was doing, or thinking, other than I knew that I wanted better for my hair health (and health in general), and if I didn’t do it right then, I would have chickened out and still been in the same place I was. At the time, I had been relaxing my hair for 27 years and it was a mess! My hair was always uneven, I had constant split ends and it never retained moisture, EVER. It often felt, and was thin and dry. I had “imagined” length, and I say imagined because I didn’t care about those things mentioned above as long as my hair went past my shoulders. It didn’t look good and I knew it.

So after getting several suggestions to go natural, I took the plunge. To be honest after my chop, for the first month, I couldn’t even look at myself! Regardless to the compliments I received, even from Matt. I had held on to that “relaxed” life for so long, I didn’t realize how much of a psychological impact those years had done to me. I was a prisoner to my hair. Then one day after a shower, I glanced at myself in the mirror and everything changed! My hair was soft, curly and defined, even as a TWA! Up until that day, I had NEVER known what my ACTUAL hair looked like. I mean, I’d seen pictures of me as a kid, but I didn’t remember those times. My mum had been relaxing it since I was 8 or so, and as I grew up, I continued with that method because thats what I felt was expected of me.

Don’t get me wrong, I always LOVED the natural look on other women but I had it in my head that I had a “big head” and it wouldnt look good on me. And the more it grew, the more I was amazed and loved it. I started out as a lazy natural, which probably wasn’t the best choice, but then I took a great interest in it and began doing DIYs from things I saw on Youtube. I’d record myself trying them out and found that some things worked, and others were EPIC FAILS- which lead to lots of frustrations and disappointments. I started making pre-poos, using other products and one day, my hubby said, Why dont you make your own hair stuff and sell it? So thats what I did! I was afraid to take the risk but what’s life without a little risk!?

Over the years I developed my skills in product making, my love of plants, baking and art地nd here we are! I found that I have a pretty healthy green thumb, I can draw and paint more than a stick figure and my baking is better and better. I started selling houseplants with my friend, meanwhile I was brainstorming and making other products for self care, e.g. body butter, wash and massage oils. I soon ventured on by myself. One thing I’ve learned is that mistakes are going to happen and in that, you make it a success because you know that you can and must improve. Believe me, there’s been a LOT of trial and error. Even now.

Its been an adventure for sure, and Im honored and excited to share part of my loves with y’all!